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January 3rd 2022


A temporary change of plans my Friends. Here's what we will do.

We will take the week of January 3 - 8th off and begin the week of the 10th on Zoom.  I will 

be sending you the ID and Passcode.  Some classes will change time and be coordinated

with other classes but just until schools reopen and then we return to  our regular

class days and times.  Stay well and we will get through this challenging time and find our

freedom again. 


January 25th, 2022

Hello Everyone.  Great news...we will be back in the studio on January 31st.  At that time all

classes (except Pre-Primary and Primary Balle/ begin 1/2 earleir)  will return to their former day

and time. The term has been extended one week to make up for the one we took off in January.

Spring term begins Feb. 14 and finishes June 25th.  

Thank you for your amazing support.  It is so appreciated!!!





January 1 2022

Happy New Year!!!!  Hope 2022 is a healthy and prosperous year for all.

We are back in the classroom as of Monday January 3rd.  We will follow are our

previous protocol and keep numbers to a minimum in the lobby.

The Pre-Primary and Primary classes have been moved forward by 1/2 hr.

Invoices for 2nd term will be going out this next week.

Looking forward to having you back dancing.  See you soon.



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